News Forex Robot Records Mega Scores on Real Business

Automatic forex robot uses RCPTA technology make records live mega scores on real business product designed future career software tools to update your ideas & download thru net using computer, laptop, smartphones & tablets.

Our trademark product a Robot can trade with 95.82% accuracy in every single market condition and quadruple every single Dollar, Euro you Deposited. Is the search for the perfect forex money machine over? 


100% Hands-free automatic forex robot uses Rcpta technology and breaks All Records. Amazing conversion rate due to great reviews and marketing, product originality. Last robot we launched achieved 31% conversion rate! very low refunds, very high payout.

Have you ever heard the term “two minds think better than one”? 

Well, we actually refined that term: “Several Professional Minds Can Produce What 1,001 Unprofessional Minds Can't”. Average products are the result of average people, Great products are the result of experience, thought, and long term dedication. Some people learn this the hard way, some are intelligent enough to recognize good from bad or GREAT from bad. If you took the time to view our FREE DOWNLOAD you damn well know what we're talking about. You know that experience, ESPECIALLY in Forex trading, is a vital element in advanced robot design. We suppose that's the difference between those who succeed in what they do and those who don't: knowing the difference. Several years of combined Forex trading experience have borne fruits. It has proven that outstanding frontier-breaking concepts can establish new standards, new records. We have paid the right price for the right knowledge. and all of us know that, bottom line, it's all about knowledge. There is no way around it, perfection comes from knowledge.

The Next Level In Automated Forex Robot Trading: Multi-Market Performance, Capable Of Turning $1 Into $4 In EVERY Live Market Condition. Records real mega profit in every single trade.

News Forex Robot Records Mega Scores on Real Business

Today things are much easier. but are they better
YES AND NO. and this is very important, so please pay close attention. Computers are great. they cut down the workload and they do things much faster. They process information one million times faster (Might be much more!) than human beings can. And that's a HUGE plus when you are designing Forex systems. The computer can see what the eye can't see or better yet, the computer can find what the naked eye can't find. Great, so what's the problem? It's simply that computers are just computers!. they work with the data that we humans feed them. they operate on software that we humans design. In plain English. THEY CAN'T THINK!. It's our job as humans to think. we then pass the “thought” to the computer and that is where the perfect combination lies!. Now, the QUALITY of “thought” we pass onto the computer is the difference between producing outstanding results and just normal, average results.

News Forex Robot Records Mega Scores on Real Business

Now, what is “quality of thought” in Forex trading?
EXPERIENCE, A LOT OF EXPERIENCE TRADING MANUALLY! That's right. in order for you to tell the computer what to do, what to business process. what type of methods to implement, you need to have had enough experience in LEARNING how the Forex market behaves. In the same way that you cannot walk into a kitchen without cooking experience and play the “chef” role, you have to “grow” as a visual and manual Forex trader to “feel” market characteristics before you can design an extremely profitable Forex robot.

News Forex Robot Records Mega Scores on Real Business

How many of these robots were designed with true Forex trading strategy design experience?

How many of these robots have a built-in strategy that derives from the designer actually knowing how the Forex market works. having true long term trading experience. Or better yet. How many of these robots have been designed by people who actually understand that A truly profitable strategy is one that is accurate in EVERY SINGLE market condition? We will cover the “every single market condition” part in just a moment. We'll let you into a little secret. Over 90% of Forex robots tools have been designed to work well in a specific market condition. either: a trending, non-trending, volatile or non-volatile market. That's it! No more to it, dear friend. That's how things are today, that's what you get when you buy most robots in today's marketplace. We would have been fired after about 2 days from any of the Forex trading jobs, future career we held during our many years in this industry if our approach to trading Forex was a “single market condition” approach. The only way to CONSISTENTLY quadruple every single Dollar, Euro deposited in your trading account is by having a robot that works with deadly accuracy in every single market condition. Again, Quadrupling Your Dollars, Euro = EVERY SINGLE MARKET CONDITION Performance. 

Read the above sentence 50 times if you have to because that's the reality of this business.

News Forex Robot Records Mega Scores on Real Business

In Forex, accurate multi-market condition performance is what rules?  Each business has it's own reality. is what makes the crucial difference. Commercial banks know it and that's why their Forex departments have been around for so many years producing unimaginable profits, we might add.
We are allowing Forex traders who want to succeed in this business to get 10 steps ahead of the competition. we are giving you the chance to access something for which there can be no price tag: EXPERIENCE. Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Extreme Performance, Extreme Accuracy, Unheard Of CONSISTENCY, A new artificial Intelligence frontier has been established. We are proud to be innovators, there is no other way to put it. Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) Is our contribution to the Forex industry. it's what will take you from being an average Forex trader to a top-gun, pip-pulling machine. It's the first time Artificial Intelligence has been taken to the next level.